The development project aimed at profiling countries’ waste and water management sectors has been renewed for a second year

The managing directors of the German Water Partnership (GWP) and the German RETech Partnership (RETech) Julia Braune and Karin Opphard are delighted to announce that following the success of the GWP and RETech's collaborative project to create market analyses for the water and waste management sectors in selected countries, the project is being revived with a new selection of countries, thanks to funding from the Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation, Building and Nuclear Safety’s environmental technologies export initiative.
Profiles were developed for Ukraine, Serbia, Jordan, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia and Cuba last year in a project initiated by RETech and GWP. The project was funded by the export initiative for environmental technologies of the Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation, Building and Nuclear Safety (BMUB). To assist exporting companies, the authors of the market analyses compiled a general section about the current framework conditions for environmental technologies in their country, as well as two detailed sections on waste and water management. The aim was to create detailed market analyses for these particularly opaque markets. The analyses should help small to medium sized enterprises of both sectors make decisions about entering the market in the countries analyzed or at the very least provide compact information about the various markets.
The project and its results were regarded positively; it is for this reason that the BMUB has decided to continue financing these country specific market analyses of the waste and water management sectors. The countries selected for this new round are: Argentina, Brazil, China, India, Vietnam and Montenegro.
The project was designed to be a collaborative effort with Black-Forest Solutions GmbH, Tilia GmbH and uve GmbH für Managementberatung taking the helm. The other companies responsible for supporting the development of these profiles are: Andreas von Schoenberg Consult, BiPRO GmbH, Dr. Burghard-ibd, eclareon GmbH and INTECUS GmbH, all of whom are members of either the GWP or RETech. Each of these companies bring skills and experience in the specified countries and know the framework conditions that are necessary to access the six countries in this project.

Based on its long-term experience in Vietnam INTECUS is entrusted to develop the waste management related part of the country profile of Vietnam.

The country profiles prepared in 2016 are available to download at the following link:
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Survey of the Size and Composition of Traditional Fires and Bonfires published

By order of the German Environment Agency INTECUS has conducted a representative online-suvey on the number, amount and composition of traditional fires and bonfires. These data will be used to extrapolate emission data for the annual emissions reporting. Germany-wide municipalities were asked about their activities on traditional fires and bonfires. On the basis of the collected figures median and average values were extrapolated on the German level. Due to the wide range of data the estimated number of fires amounts between 103,024 and 316,459. For calculating the associated emissions of air contaminants the development over time of the fires was also investigated. The results will be used for the emission reporting in 2019.
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