Study on the evaluation of the collection and recovery of selected waste streams for the further development of circular economy published

As part of the general producer responsibility regulated by the German Circular Economy Act, there are special legal regulations for the collection and environmentally sound disposal of certain waste streams (e.g. for packaging, batteries, waste electrical and electronic equipment, end-of-life vehicles). These require producers to set up collection systems for the disposal of the corresponding waste and to achieve certain recycling and, in some cases, collection rates. The research project examined whether and how resource conservation and environmental relief potentials can be realized for other waste streams - especially end-of-life tires and used textiles - through improved collection and recovery.
In addition, there are other waste streams for which it can be assumed that the current regulations are insufficient to realize the inherent recycling potential in these waste streams. Bulky waste, mattresses, furniture, carpets, artificial turf and diapers were identified as such waste streams.
The project examined the waste streams in terms of collection and recovery practices, identified barriers to resource-efficient waste management, and derived measures to improve prevention, preparation for reuse, and recycling of these waste streams.
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