INTECUS Group of Companies

The INTECUS Group, through its independent, internationally active engineer offices, provides consultation, scientific and planning support on the technical and economic issues of environmental and waste management to decision makers in municipalities, ministries, politics and from the industrial sector for over twenty five years now.

The office locations of INTECUS engineers in Germany are Dresden and Potsdam. The companies hence stood from the beginning in the centre of the developments arising from the political and economic transition in the former socialist part of Germany and the regions eventual integration to the EU. These circumstances gave them a chance to develop a particular expertise for the processes and decisions associated with the adoption of the European legislation and policy framework and the necessary restructuring of environmental protection and the waste management sector which can rarely be offered by other consultants.

Also in today’s time, new legislation, authorities’ specific demands and the changing economical framework require profound, knowledge-based decisions to attain a responsible use of resources and ensure an efficient, cost-effective and socially accepted management and safe disposal of waste.

INTECUS can offer long-standing experiences in connection with a far-reaching know-how and special expertise with regard to the planning and optimization of waste management services and installations, plant design, environmental impact assessment and approval procedures, waste management logistics and tour planning, the attendance and supervision of tendering procedures, strategies and instruments for material flow management, cost recovery and financing, landfill planning, sanitation and aftercare, renewable energy concepts as well as in the initiation, implementation and evaluation of international projects, and the provision of expert opinions and audits in the said areas.

Complementary activities concern engagements in research and the development of an adequate framework for waste management including capacity building, awareness raising measures and training.