Менеджмент отходов и экологический интегративный менеджмент



Prof. Bilitewski passed the AGRAPA baton on to Mr. Hotop

The Graphic Paper Alliance (AGRAPA) elected Volker Hotop, MD of Frankfurter Societäts-Druckerei, as their new chairman, following Prof. Bernd Bilitewski of INTECUS GmbH Waste Management and Environment-Integrating Management.
We wish Mr. Hotop success for his new tasks.

Picture source: www.agrapa.de (f. l. t. r. Drews (GesPaRec - P.R.INT), Bilitewski und Hotop)
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Best Practice Municipal Waste Management

The need to curb natural resources depletion and climate change and secure a healthy living space for an ever growing human society has become a global challenge which increases the demand to minimise waste generation and manage arising wastes effectively and sustainably on a worldwide scale. This task applies to all countries independently from their status of development. Many countries are therefore faced with the necessity to initiate a process of transformation from the conventional scheme of waste disposal through simple dumping or landfilling towards the gradual implementation of a closed loop management of their wastes.
INTECUS by order of the Federal Environmental Agency has elaborated an information pool on approaches towards a sustainable design of municipal waste management and supporting technologies and equipment in six languages.
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